Commercial Vehicle

The Commercial Vehicle platform are becoming global and we understand that design today demand Global thinking and generate synergies in commercial truck platform. The fuel economy and emission demands light weight solutions where as the design differentiation through the interior design, better ride and comfort solutions commands the market share.
We keep our connect with future through our expertise of with cloud connectivity and Autonomous driving. We offer our solutions in product design of driver cabin, interiors, design and development of suspensions system and drive train, smart data generation and cloud connectivity.

Domain: Cab Design | Transmission and linkages | Chassis design | Interior Design | Exterior Design

Our Services

  1. Product Design
    • Cab Design, Transmission design, Chassis design, Load transfer path, Kinematic study, bearing selections, Material selection and Heat treatment, dynamic load transfer, DFMEA, DFM, GD&T, and Manufacturing drawing generation

  2. Advance Engineering
    • FEA analysis for Structural durability
    • Eigen mode analysis and Frequency response
    • Crash Analysis as per ECE-R 66, ECE-R 58, ECE-R 73, ECE-R 93, (FUPD, RUPD, SUPD)
    • MBD Analysis for Ride and Handel
    • CFD Analysis for FMVSS 102 (302)

  3. Value Engineering
    • Weight reduction, Standardization, Sourcing change
    • Fuel economy enhancement
    • Metal to Plastic conversions

  4. Manufacturing Engineering
    • Virtual simulation, Engineering Analysis, FE Modeling, CFD Analysis, Structural Analysis, NVH Analysis, Thermal analysis, Kinematics analysis, Prototype model, Product testing, Regulatory testing, Functional testing, Reporting

  5. Pre- Production
    • Tool Design Sheet metal, HPIM components
    • Process Validation
    • Proto design

  6. IoT design and integration
    • OBD 2 Port coupling with ethernet IP, cloud connection, data monitoring, data processing, maintenance management, Fuel economy monitoring and Driver behavior monitoring

Case Study – Drive Train Losses

  1. Evaluation of Losses in drive train under drive event

  2. Area of work : Engineering consultancy

  3. Work content
    • Design validation of Drive train losses using MBD model
    • Creation of MBD model and evaluation of losses in different speed conditions.
    • Optimization of Drive train through design suggestions
    • Testing support for design

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