The latest enhancement with smartphone technology, Wifi connection and mobile apps provide real time information about traffic, parking, weather and safety etc. are improving the driving experience, safety and optimizing the transportation fixed and variable costs.

The connected car technology aims at drivers safety and efficiency, driver entertained, and connectivity with world.

We work with OBD II port along with additional sensors to develop following solutions.

Development of Preventive maintenance and Real time vehicle diagnostics.

  1.  Preventive maintained
  2.  Driver efficiency
  3.  Warranty claims
  4.  Monitoring fleet

Development of Active safety and virtual validation

  1.  Collision warning
  2.  Lane departure
  3.  Speed control
  4.  Autonomous Emergency Braking Pedestrian and Cars
  5.  Parking sensors

IoT Infrastructure connectivity

Creation of Vehicle to Infrastructure data

Cloud connectivity

Case Study

Development of Real time vehicle diagnostics.

In developing countries one of the major challenge is to generate the real time data to minimize the sudden break down and warranty issues and enhance the fuel economy

We have developed concept which uses the ODB II data along with inclination sensor, Tier pressure system and Accelerator sensors to evaluate the vehicle resistance, gear selection, engine power and assist driver to select right gear ratio. Apart from above it continuously monitors vehicle load, Tier pressure, engine parameter to avoid major breakdown.

The generated data is stored and connected to cloud. This helps in assessment based evaluation of driver, vehicles.