Industrial Machinery Solutions

The Industrial Machinery domain is mainly driven by strength requirements. The main challenges are ensuring optimum performance of strength, power transmission, wear, weight through best practices, material and process selections and engineering calculations

Our Services

  1. Product design
    • Gear design, Casting Deign, Load transfer path, Kinematic study, bearing selections, Material selection and Heat treatment, dynamic load transfer, DFMEA, DFM, GD&T, Manufacturing drawing generation

  2. Vibration and Noise
    • Vibration Measurements root cause Analysis, Vibration control solutions

  3. Advance Engineering
    • FEA, CFD

  4. Data Conversion
    • Data conversion, Parametric model creation, drawing generation

  5. Reverse Engineering
    • Tear down measurement, 3D data creation, manufacturing drawing creation

  6. Value Engineering
    • Weight reduction, Alternate material, Standardization, Sourcing change

  7. IoT design and integration
    • Strain gauge, Temperature sensor, Vibration sensor, Oil quality sensor, Gateway device coupling with ethernet IP, Cloud connection, Data monitoring, Data processing, Maintenance management, Asset management