Railway & Mass Transit

At Wissen Baum we understand the importance of improving user experience, improving the efficiency through light weight solution Mass transit. Our expertise with design engineering, design validation and manufacturing support helps our customer transform concepts in reality. We offer light weight solution with front end module design, Door designs by exploiting composite technology apart from our optimized designs for smart luggage management design, interior design, comfortable seating and climate control.

Domain: Cab Design | Interior Design | Seating Design I Luggage management

Our Services

  1. Product Design
    • Ply selections, Ply books, Load transfer path, Packaging & Feasibility, Kinematic study, Master section, 3D parametric CAD Design, Gap & Flush Study, DFA/DFM, GD &T, Continuous Engineering, and Dimensional management.

  2. Advance Engineering
    • Strength and Durability calculations as per EN 12663 norms
    • Eigen mode and Eigen vector analysis
    • Frequency response Analysis
    • CFD analysis

  3. Value Engineering
    • Weight reduction, Alternate material, Standardization, Sourcing change

  4. Manufacturing Engineering
    • Tool Design Composites, Sheet metal, HPIM
    • Process Validation
    • Proto design

  5. IoT design and integration
    • Strain gauge, Temperature sensor, Vibration sensor, Gateway device coupling with ethernet IP, Cloud connection, Data monitoring, Data processing and Maintenance management

Case Study - Railway & Mass transit

  • Design and development support for front end driver module of Metro for Global Tier 1

  • Area of work : Engineering Solutions and Support

  • Work content

    • Concept design

    • Selection of Ply and creation of Ply Book

    • Connections with structural parts

    • Design validation under EN 12663 norms

    • Tai Su criteria

    • Puck criteria

    • Engineering drawings and manufacturing drawings creations

    • Support for Proto development and testing

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