Digital engineering amalgamate the art of age old traditional engineering practices with current latest technologies. Its new paradigm shift towards how we can build much better and smarter products.

For ages, we had been designing automotiveproducts, aerospace products, heavy machines and many other with standard design calculation with conservative design methodologies which has less or no connect to actual operating conditions. With newer technologies like IoT, internet connectivity, integration of hardware in loop, software in loop and digital twin, we can not only get realtesting data available for initialdesign calculation but can also can combine live data to optimize the performance for better insight.

For right set of mind, we think it's an opportunity to differentiate by bringing right mix of solutions to the customer and support them to build intelligent products. We at Wissen Baum work along with the customer to promote digital journey by anticipating customer needs and move from classical design mindset (collaborative designs), changes from mechanicaldesign to mechatronics (CAD to AR) and how products are used in the field and competitiveness of products (Insights).

The digital engineering as two wordstatement, most of the user thinks of 3D model in CAD, but with emerging technology in every facet of product development, the outlook of development cycle has been changed, Overall process includes definitive approach to design, manufacturing,delivery,maintenance covering people and processes from various departments of associations.

With strong engineering background, weareably positioned to provide exiting services in digital engineering arena. We extend our technology know-how to provide services in the areas of IoT, connectivity, Data processing and Digital twin domain-based design as well manufacturing led innovations.

Digital twin is virtual replica of product containing representative information of mechanical, electrical, electronic, performance configuration. Digital twin is not new considering the design community is already using various CAD, CAE and CAM tools for past few years, but what has been changed is the ability to collect, collate and analyze big data, work towards finding trends, anomalies and use the feedback loop back to design context to make it robust. Building digital twin also leads to monitoring data effectively leading to build newer business models.

We also provide necessary IT services which complements IoT and product development cycles. Following are some of the services as illustrated.


Focuses at defining a customized product based service management model. This solution would enable the customers to have a transparent service management model there by defining, managing and monitoring the services throughout the product life cycle.

IT Infrastructure & Datacenter Management

Teams part of Development and Operations collaborate together to support in fixing defects and problems in the product following the new releases thereby maintaining a high reliable product throughout its life cycle. Cloud based infrastructure setup which could be operated from onsite, offshore and near shore ensuring seamless service with high quality.

IT Software Automation

The solution enables customer, product, service and latest technologies to generate the microservices such as user enabled ticketing, product governance, automated reporting, customized dashboard and easy synchronization with digitalization. Our global teams work with technologies such as Java, JS, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, Python, C C++, Shell scripting to enable IT Automation

Application development

The solution offers developing the Mobile phone-based application which assist customer to build their community on Mobile as Hardware. These community helps companies to connect to their customer through mobile app and promote continuous customer engagement program. These program leads to product life cycle tracking, customer feedback, warranty issues, spare parts order, regular blogs, festival offer, loyalty program, festival offers and many more. In return the companies can create their database which in turn leads to manage their products, costs, inventories and stay ahead challenges by predicting the trends of products.